Slight delay during conversations

Just recently I have noticed a split second delay as I speak to someone and has the effect of talking over them. Also recently I have experienced dropped calls after talking for a number of minutes. I use the built in internet port mac address, my ooma office device is setup between my cable modem and router.(Modem+ooma+router). I do have an older Motorola docsis 2 cable modem. What else can I try to alleviate these issues.

I’d go try a docsis 3 modem (cheap from costco); your speed will go up (for most people) and your modem will good for a few years.

Set up the new Docsis 3 modem and am still having the same problems. The delay, dropped calls, and a clicking noise when making outbound calls. Have any other suggestions that I may try.

See about the quality of your cable internet found within this post: