Simultaneous ring at two sites?

First post here…

We just opened up another business location and I have a question about ringing phones at both sites. Let me describe:

Location 1 has 3 front desk Ooma phones (SPA504G) I’ll call A, B, C.
Location 2 has 1 front desk Ooma phone (SPA504G) I’ll call D.

When a client calls location 1, there’s a VR option to ring the front desk, this invokes a ring group that rings the 3 front desk phones A, B, and C. At the same time, I would also like to have the front desk at location 2, phone D, ring. I initially set this up so that phone A has a second device that directly dials phone D (bypasses VR). That works okay.

Now the problem is, when I try to reverse that and have clients who call location 2, rings all phones A through D. The clever among you will realize where I’m going with this. With this setup, the phones enter an “endless loop” wherein they call each other until all the lines are filled up on both location’s phones.

My work-around is to have location 2, Phone D, only call phone B. Unfortunately, this means phone B will have two lines occupied when a client calls location 1. Here’s the scenario:

client calls location 1 → A, B, C ring
phone A dials location 2 and phone D rings
phone D calls location 1, phone B rings (its second line)

Anyone have a better way of doing this?

Bad form I know to reply to one’s own posting; however, I wanted to clarify that locations 1 and 2 each have their own separate account with different VRs. To highlight my issue:

Client calls location 2, phone D rings
Phone D calls location 1, only phone B rings

The problem here, at location 1, only phone B rings and not A&C. In fact, phone D can not be set up to directly dial both B and C (not allowed, only allowed to dial 1).

Figured a way to do what we wanted, but it was going to require setting up and paying for 2 more phone lines… we dumped the idea.