Show blocked calls in the call log

I want to know what numbers got blocked. I would like to see these calls in the call log and also which blacklist caused them to be blocked. This is important so I can see if I am getting repeated calls from the same number and also so I can see what is getting blocked by the community blacklist.

stay tuned

According to, seeing blacklisted calls in the call logs is planned for a near-term release.

please disregard that post - it’s from 2008

I guess near-term is relative.

I would like to see this feature also! It would also be nice to see to get a notification if one of your personal blacklist numbers was added to the community blacklist.

I’m a new subscriber to Ooma just for the premier blocking service, and so far, I believe the number of calls has dropped. This would let me know for sure, even if it was just a counter of blocked calls (each day).