Several basic features request

I just received mu Ooma Office along with the Telling T21p E2 and have successfully set it up. My background is almost 35 years in the Telecommunications business working for the same company all that time. Worked for ROLM which throughout the 34 1/2 years changed names several times. Laid off in October of 2016 and I am now self employed working for a business partner.
Here are a couple of basic features I am looking for and hope Ooma will take these requests into consideration.

  1. Network availability number: I was told by the sales rep that this feature was included, it is not. It is on the Telo. Like to have the ability to setup a number outside of Ooma if I lose network connection.
  2. More robust VM greetings: Like to see the ability to set an after hours VM greeting with using ring groups and virtual receptionist.
  3. Time out option on Virtual Receptionist: If a caller does not make a selection or you just want a pre-announcement and then automatically transfer to an extension. I know there are not many left out there but what if somebody did have a rotary phone?
  4. Personal/Company speed dial list: A system wide speed dial list and/or a personal speed dial list in the user portal.
  5. Set default device: In the user portal there should be the ability to set the default device you want to use when making a call. Currently the mobile app is top in the list and after selecting IP Phone and making a call the device will go back to the mobile app.
  6. Mobile app: The ability to answer the call without having to unlock your mobile phone and starting the app.
  7. Time of day routing: I would like to use the virtual receptionist only at night without having to manually change it every day. Some you can forget to change it in the morning or the evening.
    Edit 4/20/17
  8. Username/password for Yeaklink T21P E2: I would like to have the username/password for my phone to be able to access it via a browser. There are many other features that can be easily be programmed from the browser besides the provisioning of the phone. I understand Ooma’s concern that a user might change the wrong settings and disable the phone but if the Admin had control I don’t think it would happen as often as Ooma might expect. I have experience in IP phone provisioning and know what not to mess with. I feel it is my property and I should not be locked out.

I chose Office since I needed some enterprise features and preferred to have an IP phone. But I find that office is lacking in some features and am hoping that these requests are taken seriously. I am on a 30 day free trial and hope to here from Ooma in regards to these feature request.

  1. unclear what you mean here
  2. use Office app v3.0, it supports push

So, Tom, what is the password for the T21p? As the network administrator, I need to make sure the devices are compliant with the network and that the settings are correct for my users.

during provisioning the admin password is changed to a random string