Settings questions for the HD3 headset

The only support manual that can be found for the HD3 headset appears to be the quick start guide. Unfortunately it is limited in its scope, and several MENU/SETTINGS are not covered. Can anyone tell me what the following settings do?

  1. auto answer
  2. auto hangup
  3. call screening
    The unit seems to have some minor issues, and it would be nice to see if these settings would correct them. A more advanced manual that would answer these questions would also be nice, but that’s an issue for another time.

I don’t have an HD3 but those are standard functions.
Auto answer - the call is answered when the HD3 is lifted out of its cradle.
Auto hang up - the call is terminated when the HD3 is placed into its cradle.
Call screening - if the call goes to voicemail you can hear the message as it is being left and can answer it if you want to talk to the caller.

Thank you.