Set a Static IP for Yealink T21PE2 phone

I need to be able to set a static IP address on a couple of Yealink T21PE2 phones at a client location. It appears to be easy to do from a web browser but apparently OOMA has changed the default username/password combo (admin/admin) so I’m unable to access the appropriate screens.

Can you please let me know what the new admin username and password are so that I can make the appropriate changes?


please call support

I have to call support just to be able to set a static IP address? Why is this? Every other device on my local network and my clients networks allows me to set a static IP address without the need to “call support”.

I “called support” three different times this morning and each time was connected to a support representative who could not speak or understand even the most basic english.

What in the heck is going on here?

I tried a web chat and they just told me to “call support”


I just “called support” again and this time was connected to an english speaking person.

However, he could not understand what I was requesting and told me that he was resetting the password for my Yealink IP phones and instead reset the password for my OOMA account.


Get it together OOMA.

Note to OOMA - this could all have been avoided if you would have just left the admin login information in it’s default state as per the users manual for the Yealink IP phone.

I just talked to an escalation tech. He was very unhelpful. Gave me a bunch of BS about removing the phone from your provisioning network before a static IP address could be set.

After the first screwup with the password, I’m not going to let him anywhere near my phone provisioning.

We’re not talking about something terribly difficult here. Setting a static IP address is a simple process. Someone in your organization made a very bad decision without thinking the process through.

Based on user feedback we may revisit this decision but currently the belief is that allowing full access to the UI would generate more support calls than the few phones that require static IP.

Instead of setting static IP on the phone can you configure your router to reserve an IP for a specific MAC address?


I appreciate your reply.

I need this for a couple of reasons. I need to troubleshoot intermittent connectivity issues at a client, specifically I want to be able to set a different DNS server than what the default is via DHCP.

At another client they have a separate VLAN for VOIP traffic that is 100% static (no DHCP available). If I can’t set a static IP, my phone won’t work.

I can understand your concern regarding support calls, but I don’t believe the problem will be nearly as bad as you think it might be. On option to consider would be changing the password to a customer specific value and only give it out on a case by case basis.

Right now it’s unworkable. We need to be able to manually set IP addresses.

Thanks for listening.

i see a big problem with that
i tryed to call customer support and spent over 2 hours with everyone there and no one know how to set up a static IP and no one cant give you the password for the browser interface
i dont understand why i pay full price for the phone and legaly its mine but i cant get a password to reset or reconfigure it for my needs
and if i have phones fron another company they cant do nothing to connect it
i have more then 10 phones from vonage and i was sure i will be able to connect them to my new ooma acoount and save money on buying new equipment
now they make me buy more phones
please advise

I have to exact same problem !!! I have spent hours on line with tec support all to get no where

were you ever able to get your phones to work ?? Is this worth the hassle or is it better to drop ooma and move on ???

Yes, we have the same issue, spent hours with L2 tech support and gone nowhere. We are considering dropping Ooma, their lazy approach that creates more problem than it resolves, this is ridiculous. Also, many features promised a while ago like call recording and global spam filtering available on the Telo is still not implemented on Ooma office.
Pull it together Ooma !

:question: Why is the default out-of-the-box ADMIN account on Yealink devices not preset to admin as pass? :angry: :angry: :angry:

:exclamation: Ooma - you cannot sell an office level solution and NOT expect IT people to be pissed off at you guys about this nonsense. It’s my job to ensure network security and redundancy for our phone service; stick to your job. WTF am I in a situation whereby I’m rifling thru websites for 2 hours AND STILL cannot find the default CFG admin set password on the Yealink phones, particularly the Enterprise IP Phone CP860 and T21 E2 AND T23 LINES!!!

:bulb: Is this why your company ‘requires’ that the Yealink IP hardware be purchased directly from Ooma? So you can retain control of the hardware on your SIP network?!??!!

. :angry:

How about using VLAN Tagging? I see that option within the settings menus on my phones, but there’s no documentation on enabling the feature. I want to use this function to put my VOIP handsets on their own VLAN, and prioritize that vlan within my firewall.

I would be setting up each phone port as a trunk port on my switches (Aruba 1930), and I’d want the phone to pass VLAN0001 (workstations) untagged to the PC port, and get the phones to get their network information from tagged VLAN0002 (VOIP). Is this doable in an OOMA office environment or do I need to switch to a big-boy phone company?