Service Outage

Kansas City – out this morning, too, after being out part of Thursday and all day Friday. What’s frustrating is the complete lack of updates or information. If you check the status page on these forums, you’ll see no information about today, and bright green “everything up” messages. Apparently there was one tweet about this earlier this morning, that the problem would be fixed in about an hour (which was several hours ago).

Switching to another phone service isn’t a fix for this, as that doesn’t happen immediately and the service may be even worse.

What would make people feel that they were supporting a growing, professional system would be some information. Many people are on Ooma not because they are cheap but because they want an alternative to existing phone and cable systems. Acting like those phone and cable system customer service teams is not producing confidence.

This is the second day that the office has not been able to reliably make or receive calls. IT would be nice to have a more professional flow of information as to what the outage is, estimated time till up, etc… Things happen, and systems go down, that is the way of the world, however, We are trusting our business to OOMA, you need to keep us informed to keep that trust.

+1 Service is restoring.

What is the issue???

Apparently, it’s a carrier issue again, the same carrier as Friday.

From a chat I just had:

You: when will this be resolved?
Marnelli: please try again later
You: the lack of communication or updates makes me question just how much you actually value my business
You: when later?
Marnelli: Thank you for your chat. Unfortunately we are experiencing technical difficulty at the moment and we hope to have our service restored within the next hour. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. Customer satisfaction is important to us and this is not indicative of the level of service we provide to our valued customers. This session will now be disconnected.
You: it says outbound calling should be restored on your twitter account
You: but mine is definitely not restored
You: hello?
You: what is the problem?
You: what happened?
You: will this happen again?
You: how did it happen?
We apologize but please try again after 30 minutes
You: I’ve been without service all morning.
Marnelli: We are trying to make the service work again and hoep this will not happen
You: can you give me any more details about what and how this happened?
Marnelli: It is one of the carrier that doesn’t work
You: the same carrier as on Friday?
Marnelli: Yes that is correct
You: what steps will be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
Marnelli: We are currently working with our existing carrier and we are getting additonal carrier that will handle the routing of the calls
You: So what is exactly wrong with the carrier that they suddenly cannot route our calls?
Marnelli: system problem
You: system problems on ooma’s side or on the carrier’s side?
You: is it only ooma customers being effected or customers from other services too?
Marnelli: Carrier’s side
You: is it only ooma customers being effected or customers from other services too?
Marnelli: It is only for ooma customer
You: so will ooma be terminating its contract with this carrier?
Marnelli: WE are not sure about that
You: what assurances can I give my employers that this will not happen again?
You: they are very dissatisfied and are asking me to find other companies to supply their phone service
Marnelli: I am sorry but this will not happen again.
You: but if you are going to continue to use the same carrier, the same one you had this same problem with on Friday, how can you be sure of that?
Marnelli: I have no answer for that for now. But our company is making sure that when the issue is resolved. The outages will not happen again as it will also affect our business

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