Serve Outage Open Letter

**Dear Ooma Management,

I am very disappointed to have to be escalating this to your level; however, every conversation I’ve had has seem to fallen on deaf ears. The recent disruption in your service has been more than just a minor disruption to my three businesses I have with you. While the service interruption is inconvenient, the customer service response has been absolutely horrendous. I have been on the phone multiple times, been on with your online customer service people, and on your forums. I have not receive any response other than I am sorry. I have had no response of any substance about what has happened, what is taking place to resolve the issue, and what is being done to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Every conversation has been to minimize the issue and not been to empathize with my situation. I have been told twice that I would receive a call from “someone in management” and that hasn’t happened. I even found the thread in the business forum regarding this issue to have been deleted this morning. This leads me to the following questions:

  1. Did Ooma’s system get hacked?
  2. Is my businesses credit card and information safe?
  3. Why did the phone system go down?
  4. Why was I told that the issues started as early as last Monday and yet customer’s received no information what was happening?
  5. Why was I told that it was fixed on Friday, only to have some of my customer’s trying to reach me on Monday saying the phone was disconnected?
  6. What is being done to resolve the issue?
  7. What is being done to prevent the issue in the future?
  8. Will there be any communication from management to the customers regarding this?

    It doesn’t do my business any benefit when my customers can’t contact us to place orders as it almost makes it seem like we can’t pay our bills. This is not the way this should be handled and I am VERY disappointed in Ooma in its failure to have a reasonable plan in place to deal with the customer service issue this event caused. While it is defiantly part of business to have technical issues, it should never be acceptable to minimize as customer’s experience to the failure, not responding to inquiry, and then seeming to try to cover it up by deleting a thread in the very forum you set-up to discuss problems.

    I attempted to get Mr. Stang’s email address to directly express my concerns with him; however, I was told the “we frontliners do not have Mr. Stang’s email address”; therefore, I am going to send this to since it was the only email address that customer service was willing to provide me. To me this is bad business as I would always want a customer having frustrations of this magnitude to communicated with me. I am the President of my company and I will always have time to address my customers directly. If you were to ask Richard Davis, John Mackey, Jim Sinegal, and/or Blake Nordstrom if it would ever be acceptable to shield this type of communication from them, I assure you that it would NOT be OK. I am left with no other option to ensure a response to this than to include the media, posting on your forum which will hopefully not be deleted, and team members of Ooma that I believe would escalate the issue and may warrant a response to this.

    I am very disappointed in Ooma at this time.**

I received a phone call very quickly from a senior member of Ooma’s management team regarding my email. While I am still very disappointed to the response up to this point, I am relieved to have had my voice heard. My conversation was able to relay my disappointment in customer service and my impression of how this was handled.

At the end of the day, the reason I wrote that email was because I care. Ooma is a good service for business owners because it allows us to unplug from major utilities where the service is always terrible and we are contracted in. It is my hope that this service interruption was a wake-up call on how to deal with customers when technical issues arise in the future. I don’t expect perfect service without interruption when dealing in the high tech industry, I have just come to hope for great customer service when things do hit go haywire.

To let everyone know my position, I am not leaving Ooma at this time. It is my hope that they can overcome this issue and become the great customer service company in this space that business customer’s desperately need. I very much look forward to Ooma’s response to its customer base as a whole.

Quick question:

How did you receive the call? (drum roll). Sorry for the corny humor. :sunglasses: