Sequential vs Simultaneous Ringing in Group

We have setup a Ring Group for Sales team. We have set it up as Sequential (not Simultaneous). It dosent seem to work.
It rings the 1st Extension in the Sales Group but fails to ring the 2nd Extension in the group - instead directly goes to the VM setup for the ring group after ringing the 1st ext. Is this a bug or are we missing something ?

Simultaneous rings works fine. Both extensions ring.

Also, for Sequential Ringing - how do we setup which ext. should ring first ? In other words is there a way to setup the order of ringing in sequential mode ?

No answer to this? I have the same question 2 years later…?

I used live chat to get this answered…and at 1am EST no less…very helpful and very quick

thanks rep J!

when using the sequential ring feature within a ring group, it rings the lowest ext first, then the next, then the next etc…

101, 102, 104, 105 etc.

yes, it would be nice to prioritize extensions within the ring group, maybe this feature could be added in the future

but hope this helps some