Sending and receiving SMS Text with Ooma Smartphone App

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I know this has been discussed regarding the Ooma voice line, and realize the issues involved. But I have not seen this discussed in the context of the Ooma smartphone app.

Background - Long time Ooma customer, but I decided to try magicJack with a new phone number, keeping the Ooma service. After using magicJack for a while, I was not satisfied with magicJack for two reasons: 1) Calls often dropped after 30 minutes. This might be due to the magicGo device and not the network. 2) The magicJack call blocking and spam prevention are significantly inferior to Ooma’s features. So I am staying with Ooma.

But one feature of the magicJack iPhone app that works very well is the ability to send and receive SMS from other mobile phones. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult for Ooma to add this capability to their app and I think it would fill a big hole in the service: Being able to give out 1 number: at home receiving the call using Ooma Telo or other device, mobile using the call forwarding to your mobile phone, and mobile receiving and sending SMS using the Ooma app.



A definite Plus 1 for me. That is a very much desired feature. I like to give people only one number: my Ooma number, because, when I’m home, I don’t carry around my cell phone. So, if people call me on my cell phone I wouldn’t likely hear it, unless I happen to be where my cell is charging. When I’m out, my Ooma number also rings on my cell, so no problem.

However, with an increasing number of people using text, some are assuming the number on my business card is a cell, so they text to my Ooma number, and of course, I don’t receive it.

If Ooma could figure out how to receive text messages sent to an Ooma number, the circle would be complete. Nirvana!

C’mon Ooma. You can do it!

This was posted in the Ooma Office forums, but looks like you are using Ooma home/residential? According to their website, the Ooma Office app does support SMS. I haven’t really used it so I don’t really know if you can receive without sending one first. If you want this feature and you aren’t using Ooma Office, you may want to sign up.

@dioxide45, OOMA Office, unfortunately, does not support SMS. I would like to know where on their website you are reading that?

I guess I am WRONG!

I don’t seem to have access to it though.

I guess I am WRONG!

I don’t seem to have access to it though.

[UPDATE} Apparently I was grandfathered so I wasn’t receiving all of the feature updates. I will be receiving SMS but of course my bill will go up. That’s fine, though. FINALLY SMS!