"Scanning for Ooma base unit" sporadically appears

Just got my new HD2 handset, but concerned about the message “Scanning for Ooma base unit” popping up periodically. Can’t figure out any factors, such as interference with microwave, anything else. Seems unpredictable. I rebooted Telo, removed then reinstalled batteries, unregistered/re-registered, etc. I tried everything I could think of.

Any advice?

how many bars does the HD2 show?

Full bars, Tom. Telo is in our home office, our HD2 is in our kitchen just one room over. The two units maybe are 15 feet apart? I’m more than happy to try any suggestion. We really like the device and would hate to return it.

Is the telo hidden in a closet or out in the open?
How does HD2 behave when in same room as telo?

The Telo is on a desk, the HD2 is on a counter. Both wide open in the open air, and little more than a pane of thin decorative glass between them. They are in near eyesight of one another, very close as if they were in the same room. Very odd how it keeps scanning when the base unit is so close.

Is the “decorative glass” decorated with metal fused to the glass?

Good point, but no. We’re not nearly that fancy. Plain glass “window” in the wall so you can see inside the Home Office. Fairly run of the mill design. Thin interior walls, all wood. Nothing too out of the ordinary with our house.

In case someone searches for this problem, we may have found a potential cause.

While our primary phone number was being ported over to our Ooma phone, we had the Ooma HD2 handset sitting right beside our Panasonic cordless DECT phone, the Panasonic was active with our former telco. When our number was ported over to our Ooma phone, we unplugged the Panasonic. Since the time we deactivated the Panasonic, the Ooma phone does not seem to be “Scanning for Ooma base unit” anymore.

It could be that the two phones were using the same frequency bands, and were stepping on each others toes. Especially being situated right beside each other a mere 6 inches apart.

This is purely a guess.