Safety Phone

We need a support topic for the new Ooma Safety Phone.

UPDATE: I found out, via customer support chat, that the new Safety Phone needs a software update to be installed
on my first generation Ooma Telo. After that is done, however, my 1st generation Telo Handset is no longer compatible with my Telo. The Tech Person that updated the software in my Telo had me try to register the new Safety Phone with the updated Telo. I was unable to do so. (He then told me that he could not help me and that I needed to call Tech Support during their working hours.) After thinking about this for many hours, I suspected that the handset was still registered with the updated Telo and maybe if I removed the, just installed new, battery from the handset, I would then be able to register the new Safety Phone with the updated Telo. This worked! I was able to complete the registration on the first try and the LED on the Safety Phone is now solid blue instead of purple. And, pushing the Talk button gives me a dial tone. But, I now have an almost never used 1st Generation Telo Handset, and a new battery for it, that I can no longer use!

I have not yet been able to pair our Safety Phone with our Telo.
The user interface at has no help to explain specifically what needs
to entered in the fields. Via an online chat, I found out that the ID that needs to be entered is
the Dect_ID shown on the the bottom of the charger. It did not work for me. I was then told that
after registering the Safety Phone to the Telo, I must wait for the Safety Phone LED to turn solid blue
and that this would take a few minutes. I left the Safety Phone on the charger for a full day before
attempting to register is to the Telo. I tried many time to register it and heard a 4 digit code spoken
by the Telo, which the Chat lady told me to ignore. I never did get the “long beep” that is supposed to
indicate that the pairing was successful. If I push the talk button, I hear, “not registered”. Also,
after over 24 hours on the charger the LED has not turned solid blue to indicate that the “Phone is seated
in the charging cradle and fully charged”. Could it be that if the registration has not completed, the
LED will continue to be steady purple and never turn solid blue to indicate that the battery is fully charged no matter how long the device is on the charger?

I Don’t know the technical terms for it, but Ooma Telo’s use two different types of “code”. All the new devices use the new code (Linx, Handset 2 (HD2), and the Safety phone). The original Ooma handset used the old “code”. I think its good that Ooma moved away from the old code before coming out with all the other devices. The original handset had a lot of minor problems with it and I don’t miss it at all. I replaced my original handsets with the HD2 and find these new phones are so much better then the original. I think Ooma still could make more improvements on the HD2, but Ooma is on the right track. That is, they are always looking for ways to make their products better. The safety phone is nice. My older parents uses it for a simple one button press to get ahold of their two kids (myself age 44 and my brother age 48)