Rude & hostile attitude from David tech support

I tried to use Ooma for 8 months. From day one its support of my analog phones was HORRIBLE. It frequently did not recognize that I had hung up the phone, there was often a loud continuous ring from my second line when I picked up the first line, I would hang up a phone and it thought I had put the phone on call waiting and etc. etc. Then we started having to do frequent hardware reboots despite impeccable 1 gig internet from Google Fiber. David in support did do his best to fix these problems, and gave me one month free service that I had not asked for and really did not even want – just wanted working phones. However it became obvious I was fighting a losing battle and a different tech support rep agreed. I had the phones ported to Spectrum and everything worked perfectly EXCEPT it was impossible to call my business phones from an Ooma #. Something went wrong in the porting process. I reached David in tech support and what a change of attitude now that I had ported the phones! He was extremely hostile and informed me that they no longer own the numbers and have no responsibility. I got the obligatory β€œIs there anything else I can help you with today?” SAY WHAT? I had NOT been helped! As I was stating that I was just trying to make sense out of everything he hung up. I started a ticket with Spectrum. They contacted Ooma who reported the problem had been cleared. It was NOT cleared and obviously had not even been tested, which would only take trying to call my #s from an Ooma phone. I finally got hold of a HELPFUL Ooma tech support rep today and he found that after the numbers were ported, Oomah had failed to remove them as active numbers in their system. He fixed the problem in about 5 minutes as i verified by calling from an Ooma residential line. Obviously, the problem was entirely on Ooma. All in all, pretty disappointing, but the hostile attitude towards a business owner whose phones are not available to everybody is inexcusable.

Where I would have given Ooma credit for at least trying at one point, I am now thoroughly disgusted and would advise people to stay away from Ooma as far as possible. Day 4 with two Spectrum lines and not even a hiccup apart from the Ooma-caused routing problem. You have been warned. Perhaps if you were to buy all new Ooma VOIP phones you would have a better experience, but had a base station w 6 2-line analog phones, customized voice mail software on a PC and call logging/telemarketer blocking software on another PC. Just as it all worked with ATT&T landlines, it is working with Spectrum @ day 4 now.