Robocall blocking suggestion.

Allow Ooma users to configure the Ooma computer, over the Internet, to present a challenge to each caller. For example, the caller must enter a number stated by the Ooma computer, or enter the solution to a simple math problem (what is 2+3?) before the call will ring through.

Implementing a so-called whitelist is on next year’s roadmap.

Are you planning to let White List members go through without presenting the challenge question?

What other features will the White List provide?

The white list is a list you maintain with the numbers of all the people you don’t mind receiving calls from, so no need for a challenge question.

I want all human callers to be able to get through by answering the challenge, but not robocalls as they are to dumb to answer a challenge. A simple white list of known contacts won’t work for this, because I will never have a complete list of everyone that I will accept calls from, just from my known list of contacts.

Here’s what could work for me.
All callers on the white list immediately ring through.
Non-white list callers get challenged and get through only if they answer correctly. Otherwise, I can optionally send them to voice mail, or block their call, or log their numbers to the black list (perhaps after N or more failures).

I’ve added this to the Whitelist + PIN Privacy for Ooma to consider among Collection of Blacklist Related Requests.