Ring Group Active Phone Disable

If a phone is already in use I would like the option to skip ringing it in the ring group. Unfortunately currently you get a call waiting notification that interrupts your current call.

I want to be able to mimic the feature we had before where the incoming call just rolled to the next available line and did not disturb the active line with a call waiting notification.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. We may have to stop our change over to Ooma office unless I can quickly found a work around for this issue.

You mean to ring the other phones in the ring group but not the one on a call?


I need to get a function similar to the phone company’s roll to next available line. I can almost get it with ring group but the call waiting notification on phones already in use is not acceptable.

If a phone is already in use I need the ring group to skip ringing that phone and then the user does not have to put up with the call waiting notification during their conversation.

You can disable call waiting on a per call basis by prefixing *70.

It needs to be automatic.

The people in my office need it to be automatic just like it was on the old phone system that rolled to the next available line without any action by the caller or the user of the phone.

Is there a way to just turn off the call waiting and cause the system to roll incoming calls to the phones that are not currently in use.

I’ve forwarded your request to product marketing.

It’s great for outbound calls… I don’t think this preemptive technique will work on inbound calls.


I’ll throw in a second on this request. Overall we’ve been very happy with Ooma Office, but it is a bit annoying when you are on the phone and a new call comes in and causes your conversation to get broken every couple of seconds until someone else picks up the new call or it goes to the auto-attendant.

DIA, I also agree this would be a nice feature, as an option for each extension [turn off call waiting notification]- this would enable the result of just ringing the phones in the ring group that are NOT in use when a second, third, etc call comes in. You mentioned (… until someone else picks up the new call or it goes to the auto-attendant.) I understand someone else in the call group picking up the call, but how do you get OOMA Office to send an unanswered call to the “virtual receptionist”? The only options under my advanced tab, for the ring group, are to transfer the call to another extension or to voicemail. The list of possibilities for the transfer does not include the “virtual receptionist”. Any help? Thanks.
After reading “Virtual Receptionist as Backup Option - NOW AVAILABLE” forum topic, and a call to support (866-939-6662 OOMA Office), the “Virtual Receptionist” magically appeared as an extension to choose for forwarding when no one in the ring group answers. The support person logged into our account and could not see the “virtual receptionist” choice either. He said it wasn’t an option, but now it is magically there. Thanks Forum users, I’m much happier now. Still would like to see an option to turn off the call waiting notification by extension. Thanks.

We definitely need this.

I would just as soon not have call waiting turned on for any of our extensions than to have it going off in the middle of a call. Please update me if there is a better way of turning it off *70 for outbound calls only really doesn’t cut it especially on an important business call.

New user here. Impressed so far, but I would definitely concur in this request. I have a few more tweaks I’d like to see but will post on the threads already started for them.

If you wish to turn off call waiting indication completely on Office, call support and ask them to disable CWI_SERVICE in Customer Config. This may be a workaround for some as we work to implement the rollover feature.

Tom B - Any update on this feature that can be user selected or do we still need to call customer service and ask them to disable the item in customer config?

at this time still need to call support

I am also trying to get OOMA Office to “rolover”. I use sequential ring, with call waiting disabled globally (from OOMA Cust Service) The problem is, when lines are in use, it “Stacks-The-Time” it takes to get to the next extension. For example if 4 people are on 4 separate calls and another call comes in It will stack the time before it gets to the 4th extension. The lowest timer setting is 12 seconds, so using this example, It takes approximately 48 seconds before it ever starts to ring on the next available extension. Thats way too long! Additionally if I have the timer set to 35 seconds (so my internal voice mail can answer) It takes aprox 140seconds before it rings at the next available extension? What Should I Do??

The lowest setting is 10 sec (2 rings), meaning it rings each extension for 10sec and then starts ringing the next extension. So this time stacking is baked into the definition of sequential ring. Perhaps simultaneous ring will work better for you.

Does this work? Support Tells me it doesn’t work.

I don’t know the specific setting, but when we first installed the system a couple of months ago, we asked to have the click turned off and they were able to do it immediately.