Retrieve Voicemail with HD2

We recently purchased an Oooma Office and an HD2 handset to go with it. Setup was not trouble free, but we have it mostly working now. Trying to decide if we want to replace our Vonage lines with this.

Anyway, our HD2 reports “2 New Voicemails” on the screen, yet when we press the soft key labeled “voicemail” nothing happens. What are we missing?

Ooma does not list the HD2 as an accessory for Office:

In other words, the HD2 is not supported by the Office? It seems to mostly work.

Correct it is not supported. Giveaway is that you had to trick MyOffice in adding the HD2 as a Linx. But other developments in this area will be announced in a few weeks.

Just wondering if there is an update on this. Thanks.

There’s no plans to add HD2 support to Office. Use Office mobile app instead.

Thanks, Tom. Does Ooma plan to offer any other handset for the Office system?

I use Panasonic handsets with Ooma Home and retrieve voice mail using a speed dial button. I am told that the HD2 handsets are made by Vtech.

If you are interested in corded phones, certain models are capable of providing HD sound quality. The HD2 is the only cordless handset that provides HD, however.