Remote Users

I need to setup a phone fo a remote call center employee. I know I can forward an extension to a cell phone, etc. But what is the best way to set things up?

I want them to have a desk phone and be able to receive and make calls. I can purchase an Ooma Telo for their location and direct the extension to that. No problem.

The issue is if they have to call a client back, then their own number would show to the client and the client could dial them back directly by passing the virtual receptionist…

Any help is very much welcomed.

use the Office mobile app

Thanks Tom. I was just looking at that this morning. I will see if that works. Not ideal though. I would rather have an option for an employee to not have to use there cell phone. Why is there not a softphone app for the pc? That would be perfect!!

Okay the employee would prefer not to use his personal cell phone for this. What other options including a ‘real’ phone do I have where the outgoing caller id/number shows the main Ooma Office line from an external phone/location?