reconnecting after network change

Hi, everyone!

We have updated our network and our Ooma base station is not connecting now. Ooma support has not been able to figure this out yet, and we’ve been waiting a long time for a call back from 3rd level support. It appears that the base station was setup to a static address on our former network, and now that we’re not using that network (new routers, etc), the base station is not connecting. We can find the Ooma base station on the network, but we don’t have the login info to go in and change the network address. Please help!

Connect a computer to the local network jack. If the computer has wireless capability, disable the wireless capability.
Connect to


This will connect you to the web server that is inside of the Telo.
Change the configuration to meet your requirements.

Thanks much, but we did that and the box is asking for a login and password, which we don’t have and Ooma didn’t know about.

The login and password is only supposed to apply to the To Internet jack.
I have two Telos of the home variety, not the business version, and I have never had to provide a user ID or password when connected to the local jack.

The only other option is a factory reset.

On a residential Telo the following will perform a factory reset.


Use an analog phone connected directly to the Telo, not via a Linx.

I do not know if this is supported on the business version.