Recommend Analog Phones

I understand that Ooma office needs an analog phone, but the vast majority of phones are not labelled. Does anyone have a list of analog cordless phones? Any recommendations on cordless phones?

Analog just means that it can’t be an IP phone or a proprietary digital phone that is specifically designed for a PBX system. In other words, if it uses an Ethernet cable and connects to a router, you can’t use it. But, if it has a modular phone jack and connects directly to a regular POTS line, then it will work.

If you were looking for a corded phone, I could direct you to a link that would list corded phones capable of HD quality with Ooma.

But, there are no cordless phones for Office, that are HD capable. That’s not a major issue, but just thought I’d mention it.

I use a 2-line Panasonic cordless system, and it works fine with the Telo. (I don’t have Office.) You would just need a single-line model.

If you are currently using a cordless phone at home, that same model will most likely work with Ooma Office. (Unless you live in a mansion with a fancy digital PBX system.)

I’ve talked with and emailed an ooma salesperson. He recommended these analog phones but any sort of cordless phones will do as long as they aren’t VOIP (IP) phones.

I have 2 set of Panasonic corded/cordless phone on Ooma and they interact well with Ooma system.

The phone LED flash when there a message on the Ooma system.
They display entering phone number and miss call number.
The phone even talk to me on is speaker and tell me how is calling.

It work for me…