In order to have my receptionist answer calls I need to go into the ooma application daily to forward it to and away from them.

Can you PLEASE make an option to forward calls away from the virtual receptionist during business hours? This will be a problem with any business that already has a receptionist.


Sounds like you have an outside service as a receptionist. What you are doing now can be easily accomplished by using the Ooma Mobile App.

I agree Our business doesn’t need the Receptionist during working hours but after hours and holidays it would be nice to use it I wish we can set hours for it to turn on and off so we don’t have to do this everyday.

We put a ring group ahead of the virtual receptionist. You could put your receptionist as the first point (point your number to his/her extension) then have her phone forward to the extension of the virtual receptionist after timeout. When he/she goes home, call forward the phone to the virtual receptionist extension.

This is a much needed feature. It would be as simple as putting a checkbox under “Business Hours Menu” to “Disable Receptionist” The suggestion to add a Ring Group, then go to the Receptionist after a time out will sort of work. The problem is that the phone will still ring after business hours, which makes the Receptionist no more than a glorified answering machine. I like the fact that the Receptionist feature keeps the phone quiet during all times other than business hours. After all, this phone is in my home.

Are there any Ooma employees listening?

Something like this:

+1 from me. This is standard functionality on any system. During the day have the receptionist answer, but at night it goes straight to the VR.

I will say that the user’s suggestion to use a ring group with just the receptionist and then forward on no-answer to the VR does work.

The Ooma employees do not seem to be listening to this request. I have found request for this as far back as 2013 and comments from Ooma employees that it was “at the top of their list” and that a fix would be forthcoming “very soon.”

Not so much.

Really, how hard can it be to add?

YES!!! I WANT THIS FEATURE! Currently I want my live receptionist to handle calls during business hours and totally bypass the virtual receptionist (VR). To do this, I have to manually reassign my number to the VR when we close, and manually reassign it to front desk extension when we open. If I ever forget to do this, my callers won’t hear what I want them to hear when they call my business.

I’d be satisified either with a checkbox to disable the VR during business hours, or add a keypress selection in the VR configuration which causes immediate forwarding to an extension, basically making the rest of the VR configuration irrelevant.

Can’t be that hard. I’m a software developer, I know this. All it needs is some priority to get it done.

Uh oh, I just got off the phone with support because this is exactly what I want to accomplish. I am by myself, I don’t have a whole big team and need for extensions. I would like all calls during business hours to go to a specific extension and if I’m busy, to voicemail and after hours, to the after-hours greeting.

Ring groups don’t work as the call would still ring the extension (which is my office line and my cell phone) and only be redirected after a timeout. Problem is, my cell phone providers voicemail would probably grab the call first.

A simple feature of directing all calls to an extension during office hours would solve all of that issue.

Fingers crossed this gets added while we are still all alive.

To those that are still waiting for this to happen. All I can suggest is to bombard the support lines and request a feature enhancement be filed. Maybe with multiple feature enhancement requests all filed at the same time, it might get added.

Heck, put it on your calendar and call them every month and file a new request for this feature. I’ll be doing that until I’m heard.

I also want to see callers go directly to voicemail during after hours without having to press a key. These seem like simple things but in 4 years of operation, prod dev hasn’t come up with these features.