Range and interferance of linx devices

I want to install an Ooma with 5 extensions. What is the range of the linx? My office is two floors separated by metal framed walls and a concrete floor. We had to install a hardwired access point on the second floor for our LAN to work. i am concerned that the linx may not work. Are there alternatives to providing extensions?

Also, at what frequency do the linx operate? Has anyone experienced interference with a wireless LAN?

I believe Lynx operates as a DECT 6 device so the frequency is 1.9 GHz and should not interfere with wireless routers. As for range, If you have a DECT phone that would give you a sense of reach. I tried the Lynx in my office which is 1 floor up and about 150 ft from the Telo unit and it struggled (got static and call quality issues). In my case, I needed the Lynx for a second line for my home office, so to get around the limitation I wired it so the Lynx was close to the Telo and fed the 2nd line in my home phone wiring. If you do not have phone jacks where your phones are, I am not sure what you could do.