question on call forwarding from google voice or magicjack

Need some help on forwarding from google voice or magicjack to Ooma

Here is my old setup–
at&t rcf#(not voip) ----forwarded to—>magicjack -----forwarded to----> at&t hardline
at&t rcf#----forwarded to—>google voice -----forwarded to----> at&t hardline
Has worked flawlessly for over 4 years.
even have some google voice—forward—>magicjack —forward—>at&t hardline
no issues

Now I am in process of replacing at&t hardlines with ooma. Maybe 10% of the calls actually make it through. Tried it for one day and had many people say that the call never completes – just dead air. If the call did complete, voice quality is good.

The Ooma support via chat answer was that Ooma did not support forwarding Ooma lines to google voice(not exactly my question) and that I would have to contact Google regarding forwarding their lines to Ooma. Not exactly sure how much support I will get on a free service.

Forwarding from google voice to magicjack has never been an issue. I had figured that forwarding to Ooma would be the same. I have still have 30 days left to return the ooma hardware to amazon, but would like to know if anyone has done this before I throw in the towel. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of adjustment within the Ooma device/service, but I am very new to Ooma.


I have a Google Voice number that forwards to my secondary Ooma number. GV just needs to confirm that the Ooma number belongs to you.

I use a Telo with Premier, so I also set up my GV number as my outgoing caller ID on the second line.

After logging into My Ooma account, there is a link at the top for Apps. That is where the GV app is located for Telo users.

Your account will not have that app if you are using Office.

I use 3 GV numbers forwarded to several ooma devices (2 Telo’s and an original Hub) and two cell phones. I use GV Extensions on one Telo and also use an Obihai obi202. I have two of the ooma numbers set up with distinctive ring so I can tell how to answer the phone. All works well without a glitch. As oomamaniacal said above, you need to verify the number with GV and you should be all set. Not sure why you have the magicjack involved - so you sometimes answer the phone on it without it going to the landline?