Puerto Rico should not be treated as international

I incorrectly assumed that calls to Puerto Rico would be considered domestic calls since all other carriers including Majic Jack and the Teleblend (99/yr) the company I just left treat those calls as domestic. I now realize leaving Teleblend was a mistake. There are 3.5 million Puerto Ricans in United States and that is 3.5 Million potential customers that will not do business with you. Buying and paying for an international plan to call within United States is absurd no matter how you spin it. :angry:

It would cost Ooma more $ to deliver calls to Puerto Rico. Even Google Voice charges for calls to PR.

Not sure when it happened, but as of right now, calls to Puerto Rico are included in the Basic service :slight_smile:
Source: https://www.ooma.com/telo-international/

Tried a test call and it connected w/ no issues and showed up as an outgooing call on my dashboard.