Proactive Call Screening

I request a feature that requires the caller to press a number before the call will ring otherwise the call would not ring. When the ooma first answers the caller would hear a greeting something like "this is 555 1212 press “2” to leave a message. At that point if the caller presses “2” the phone would ring. If not the phone would hang up after the message repeats several times. If they press “2” the call would go through and either be answered or go to voicemail as usual. This screens out all automated calls even if they are not on the blacklist, and most automated telemarket calls would also be screened as they don’t usually have the ability to dial a number. I have an outboard screening system that does this (Screen machine) and it is great but would like it built into the ooma. Thanks

I second this request. I’m going to post this request under a new topic name that I think will be easier to use. I will use the title, Google Voice Demand Response Call Blocking.

Google voice uses this type of blocking for people for 100% blocking of annoyance calls. No other method is even remotely as effective as this. It would be wonderful if Ooma provided this for it’s customers.

Demand response blocking is far and away the most effective way to allow desired calls and disallow annoyance calls. Here’s how it works.

  1. All calls from numbers in your address book are allowed through without delay.

  2. If a call is from a number, not in your address book, the system prompts the caller to press 1 to speak their name in order for the system to ring the recipients phone. Or, to press 2 and go to voice mail.
    a) If the caller takes no action the call goes to voice mail. This allows you to get desirable auto messages such as doctor appointment calls, etc.
    b) If the caller presses 1, then the caller is given a limited time to record their name.
    i) The system then rings the phone and plays the recorded name of the caller to the Ooma user.
    a. The Ooma user is then prompted to press 1 to accept the call or 2 to send the call to voice mail.

By doing this you will always hear from anyone who needs to contact you; however, NO annoyance calls can get through.

This lets all the good get through, and blocks ALL the bad.

Basically, prove you are not a robot. +1