PrePaid Account

When I first saw the pre-paid account I thought it was a great idea to be able to put money into it and have my monthly taxes and fees extracted from this account. This way I can load it once a year and not have monthly charges on my card. Unfortunately this account is used only for long distance charges not covered.

I would like to suggest that the fees and taxes optionally be allowed to be paid out of the pre-paid account.

I agree. You would think that Ooma must pay a large part of the $3-4 monthly charge in fees to the credit card banks. It has to be the lowest average ticket size of anybody.

From recent experience with a relative, I know that if you die, the banks immediately cancel your credit cards. But your executor would like to keep the phone service alive. So for a lot of reasons, I think it would be good to get these payments into a prepaid form one way or another, and out of the credit/debit card business, at least for those who prefer that. Or at least let you pay ahead annually with a credit/debit card.