Porting number out but keeping Ooma?

I have Ooma premier with two phone lines and I would like to port one of the phone numbers over to my cell phone (rogers canada) and I’m trying to figure out how to do this.

I have two excellent numbers with Ooma but I never give out the one. On my cell phone I can only get crappy numbers so I was thinking of porting out one of my Ooma numbers.

How do I do this? Does my carrier (rogers) even know how to port a number out of Ooma?

I will probably have to pay a charge with Ooma to get a generic second number and another charge with my cell phone carrier to port.

What steps do I have to do to proceed with this?

Cell carrier should not charge for porting.
Just go into your cell carrier and ask them to port your number over. Will take a few days.

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