poor voice quality on iPhone Ooma App

Not only we’ve been experience extremely poor voice quality on our home 1st generation Ooma box, we have been experiencing inconsistent voice quality when using Ooma’s iPhone App. Our past experience with Ooma home phone and Ooma iPhone app had been very good until recently. If anyone has similar problem with iPhone app calling or with home Ooma box, please share your experience and solution, if any. Thanks.

Check your sound quality when using app with cellular data (3G or 4G or LTE) and see if good. Using home wifi (FiOS) will have same issues as your Hub possibly because of FiOS.

We have had Ooma hooked up since May 2014. When you make a call sometimes the call quality is excellent and other times it breaks up so bad we have to call back on our cell phone, or have someone call us back on our cells. It is extremely frustrating and we are think that Ooma has to go. I have called their customer service numerous times and have not received any help or solutions to the problem, just keep getting transferred from one person to another and wasting hours. They blame our internet provider Cox and Cox says everything is fine, in fact the internet service is fine. Is there a solution to the problem?