poor customer service- online activation fail

so I purchase my new ooma office and have it next day aired to me then try to set it up online but the site will not recognize my address- hard stop! :exclamation: I call customer service and get somebody that has a serious language barrier with me… they cant figure it out so I get transferred to somebody that says “try this and that address” still nothing, then transferred to another that now takes all of my info verbally and has the same hard stop at the address even after verifying with usps and using multiple address possibilities. now about 45 minutes into this they say they will send an email to somebody and I just need to wait for a reply. :confused: no feeling of concern or urgency for the customer here as they obviously out source to robots that can only read the screen in front of them. I asked if this was common and if I should use a different product and they said “I am sorry for that sir”… WHAT :question:

NOW I HAVE HAD THIS THING FOR A COUPLE DAYS AND CAN’T EVEN USE IT! they say they will send me an email- no eta whatsoever. no resolve. no offer of a token future discount or any show of concern for the customer or attempt to retain a customer. c’mon ooma, there must be a way to bypass your web activate and get me rolling here- empower somebody with a bypass button for gosh sakes! I can’t imagine I am the only one with this problem…ever… :confused:

UPDATE: called again to no avail- kinda rude this time, customer service asked if I got an email and I said no. they said its not fixed then! because I was told I would get an email when fixed! ouch. :confused:

bottom line… good bye OOMA! this gave me the opportunity to search other services and I found there is better for less money! Amazon gave me a prepaid return tag so no loss really other than my time wasted. I still have a home OOMA telo that is working fine… I just hope I never have to call CS for any problems 'cause OOMA has the worst! I have dealt with shoddy CS before (dell, AOL, Verizon, etc) but these guys are the worst yet in my opinion.

total time with product: 5 days
total time used: 0hrs, 0mins
never even plugged in due to website activation glitch
total time on the phone with OOMA customer service: 2 hours over 4 calls
result: sent unit back moving to different company.

The site does not recognize your address, you say? What does that even meam? An address is an address.
How is it recognized or not recognized?

Maybe too late for this user but if anyone has trouble with service address,


Go enter your address here and look up the zip code. The site will convert what you entered into “proper” address.

I had/have the same problem.
The system would not accept my street address… 24 Upper Malletts Ln
Verified it several times at USPS.com as being the ‘proper address’.
Tried changing the street number, changing the street spelling, dropping the ‘upper’, doing all caps, changing lane to street, and adding ‘suite 1’.
Nothing worked.

Ooma cust serv finally forced it to accept by hacking up my street address to… 24 Malletts Ln Uppr A, but I am still unable to correct the address after being up and running.
I doubt I’ll be getting any mail addressed that way :frowning:

Ooma’s registration system, or it’s interface with another database (911?) appears to have a bug.
(I wrote out my street name in case it helps others to get verified, I normally wouldn’t do that.)