Play audio file via clicked icon/button while on a call

I apologize if this is already a feature… I am just now signing up for Ooma Business Pro.

For Ooma Business… or Ooma Business Pro… a suggested enhancement… I’d like to have the ability to do the following:

  1. Upload a pre-recorded audio file (wav or mp3) containing a message that I’d like to leave as a voicemail.
  2. When calling someone via my softphone or connected phone, if I reach someone’s voicemail, be able to click an icon or button to cause that pre-recorded audio to be played, thus I don’t have to speak the voicemail message each time (they are often the same message across multiple calls that I make.)
  3. I hang up the call at the end of the playing of the audio file, or (via enabled option), the call is ended for me end when the audio end-of-file is reached, with an adjustable “padding” delay, e.g. auto-hangup 1.5 seconds after audio file ends.
    Hmm, I guess if we have a programmable delay on the end of a file before hangup, we could (maybe) have a programmable delay on the front end… from the time the “PLAY” button is clicked until it actually begins. Not sure who would need that… just thinking aloud.
  4. It would be REALLY DELUXE to be able to have multiple audio files uploaded, and I can label each file with an icon or button to uniquely identify the message (have ability to create a text label to be associated with a particular audio file), and then select/click which one that I want to leave when I reach a voicemail.

Actually… I believe it would also be a great feature to be able to play an audio file of any length - that way, on a conference call, I could play a training audio to the others on the call - ability to pause, skip back or forward would be really nice too.


Lee Roth