Phones Haven't Been Working For a Month

We’ve been getting the run around and no real solution. For awhile we would make a call and get an error that the call cannot be made at this time, but incoming calls worked. Then after three weeks of calling they finally paid a little attention, and made it so that we don’t even get incoming calls anymore! Thanks for the, umhm help?

My next stop is twitter, reddit, facebook and so on to see if anything will get these people to respond to our repeated attempts to get this ooma business phone working.

Are you running Ooma Office or Ooma Telo?

How are you connected, Modem-Ooma-Router or Modem-Router-Ooma?

Run to see how your modem and Internet connection is doing. Then click on the Advance tab on the lower left side of the Phonepower page, and post the following values here in this thread, by clicking on “Quote” in the upper right hand corner of this Ooma Forum post. Then fill in the blanks.

Download Speed: ________________
Upload Speed: ________________
Download Consistency of Service ________
Upload Consistency of Service _________
Maximum TCP Delay _____________
Jitter you server __________
Jitter server you _________
Packet loss: you server_______
Packet loss: server you ______
Packet discards _________
Packets out of order _________
Estimated MOS score ________

Logs show one call received on 1/20. None since. And in the past week no apparent outbound call attempts, not even an offhook. Your unit is currently offline so can’t test in- or outbound.