Phone-Out caller ID made easy?

Obviously, Caller ID is important to all of us. It has made life a lot easier. But it would be helpful if we could easily phone out in such a way that the Ooma user can choose which Phone#/ID will appear to the user on the other end of the line, rather than be limited by a default.
I have two numbers, one for personal use, one I give out to work/businesses etc. I want the person/business I am calling to be able to view my info on the caller id (I don’t want to block that data in case I - in turn - get blocked for not providing it) , but I want the number that appears only to be associated with one group (personal) or the other (business), and I want to be able to do this on the fly. I don’t want my friends calling the business line, and I certainly don’t want the businesses I am dealing with to be calling - or KNOWING - the number I reserve for my friends. I’ve tried a suggestion from the forum [dial ** + (line #) + (outgoing phone #)] that doesn’t work, but sounds like the easy kind of fix that would be helpful for this kind of situation. Anyway, barring some existing on-the-fly method for this proposed feature, it would be nice to have one made available. :smiley:

**0 would be first line, **1 would be second line.

Clicking on the phone numbers here would tell you: