Phone Directory Listing

I assume that I will not automatically have my business phone number in the local phone book if I port to Ooma. Any suggestions on how to handle this? I need to be in the local directory so my customers can find me.

Call the company that puts out the phone book. Here, you can be listed even though you are not a customer for of course “a fee”.
Directory Listing is included.

Our customer service agents can help you add your business to directory listings. Please give them a call.

So are you saying if we don’t call customer service and specifically ask to be listed in directories, we won’t be? That seems backwards when Ooma Office advertising says directory listing is included. We should not have to “opt in” rather opting out would be more appropriate. Although more and more people are using the internet as their phone directory, clearer information needs to be posted on this feature because it is still needed by many businesses to be reached by old and new customers alike.