Personal Blacklist by Caller ID Keyword

I spend a lot of time making separate personal blacklist entries when multiple callers have different phone numbers but common caller ID words (“Local Call”, “Unknown”, etc).

I would like the capability to have personal blacklist entries block all calls where occurrences of user selected words appear as part of caller ID text.

Otherwise I will probably cancel my Ooma Premier because I currently have to login almost daily to add to my personal blacklist for blocking stupid calls that share caller ID characteristics.

This is a post probably meant for Ooma Telo?

Are these spam calls coming from outside of your immediate area codes?

If so, this may help in the meantime:

Your suggestion works for many out of state calls, but many of the annoying calls I deal with are coming from local area codes (623) (480) and sometimes (928).

You can still make use of wildcard blacklisting for the local area codes as well.

For example, my immediate area codes include 206 and 425; many friends and family members have 206 & 425 numbers so I can’t block the whole area code but I still block spam calls based on prefix (in some cases, prefix + 1 or 2 more digits). I set my treatment option to send to voicemail so don’t have to worry about rejecting a legit call (so far hasn’t happend yet; no legit person trying to reach me has left a message).


2062577* Air Duct Cleaning Telemarketer
They’ve called from these numbers: (206) 257-7028 (206) 257-7822

2063884* Promotions Department Telemarketer
They’ve called from these numbers: (206) 388-4294 (206) 388-4335

2064960* Political Opinions of America Political Organization
They’ve called from these numbers: (206) 496-0484 (206) 496-0935 (206) 496-0950 (206) 496-0955 (206) 496-0986

2065352* Promotions Department Telemarketer
They’ve called from these numbers: (206) 535-2550 (206) 535-2551 (206) 535-2604

2068666* Alarm Sales Telemarketer
They’ve called from these numbers: (206) 866-6910 (206) 866-6990

4254370* WA FOP Telemarketer
They’ve called from these numbers: (425) 437-0548 (425) 437-0653 (425) 437-0657 (425) 437-0659

I exported (copy and paste) my blacklist to Excel to do analysis so I can come up with these blacklist entries.

While that can help it would be so much easier if Ooma supported blacklist by Caller ID. My blacklist has so many entries where the caller ID is “Toll Free” or “Security” or “Card Services” or “Unknown”

The numbers seem to change wildly so a black list by area and office code as suggested would not work.

There are a number of requests for a blacklist by caller ID w/ substring capability (just like the number wildcard, “Toll*” would block anything that started with the word toll)

The frustrating part is the absence of feedback or comment from Ooma support. Are they working on it, are they reading these posts, or what? Even a “We won’t do it” would be better than nothing.

These are the latest relevant comments from Ooma mods:

Hopefully they are looking at this thread as well: Collection of Blacklist Related Requests

Can someone confirm that blacklist feature works in ooma office? If so how do I use it?