Passive Blacklist Handling

Hi. Although my experience with Ooma blacklisting has been positive, I would really appreciate the following feature.

I would like to have the blacklist handling option:

Ring, then send to voicemail.

This option would eliminate any indication to a blacklisted caller that their calls are being intercepted. Currently you can select a message: that your number has been disconnected, or that you’ve been blocked, or ring once and go to voicemail, or “continuous” ring.

I just want callers to believe that I haven’t answered (ie. not home) by having the phone ring a few times and then go to voicemail. If it answers immediately or after one ring, that would be interpreted to mean that I am home and on the phone.

The number of rings could be configurable, in the blacklist settings, or it could use the Voicemail pickup time, or just be arbitrary (4 rings - 24 sec). I wouldn’t mind either way.