Parking and Picking up a call

Another nice enhancement to Ooma Office, is the ability to park a call at one extension, and pick it up at another extension.
This feature is very useful in a retail environment when a clerk, who is helping a customer, may need to put the customer on hold, then go to a distant department to research a situation, and finally provide the answer to the customer, without having to go back to the original extension. This feature should allow for “parking” a call onto a virtual extension, and then pick up the same call at any physical extension.

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I am currently testing out Ooma Office. I also have an older Avaya Partner system that I am trying to move away from and it has the Call Park Feature. I definitely need this feature on Ooma Office. I fear that I may have to return this new purchase due to the lack of this feature. Hopefully something can be created quickly.

OK, so I have hung-on to my Ooma Office and was able to configure the Base station and 4 linx devices (With call waiting turned off- you have to call cust service to disable this feature). I set up the (extensions and labeled them as, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, and set them to SEQUENTIAL ring pattern to act as a line rollover or hunt group ect…
I connected those extensions to behave as phone lines for my Avaya Partner ACS system.

Now I can use my Avaya 8-Line Cordless phone (I really am only using 4 of the lines) and my existing Avaya system and it works pretty good. There are a few little qwirks that I am working out…

BUT at least for now I can use the Ooma Office system with the MUCH EASIER TO USE AUTO ATTENDANT and my Avaya system to utilize the call park feature and the continuous on hold advertisement -on-hold-loop that I have created on my Avaya system that allows my callers to hear the different services that I offer at my business. I often have to place callers on hold while consulting with a technician of mine, or contacting a supplier, ect… Its nice to place them on hold and they can basically hear a new message each time because it is always playing in a loop, unlike the current on hold option that Ooma offers that, as soon as you place someone on hold, they start at the very beginning of the recording every single time.

I have programmed the Avaya Partner ACS system myself from scratch. I used to know it like the back of my hand, but it isn’t very user friendly and its too time consuming to fuss with.

If I can even test some options for Ooma in the future to allow a “Call Park” feature with on hold loop music, that would be awesome.

I will check back later.