Palm Centro - specs to answer in-coming calls

Having setup my Ooma to communicate with my 4G LTE hotspot, I am getting VOIP calls on my POTS phone. My Ooma has the Bluetooth USB adapter attached so I paired my unlocked Palm Centro cell phone to the Ooma… The Centro has a screen on it (my POTS phone does not), so I was hoping it would also ring when the POTS phone rang and I would see the call number displayed. Unfortunately I can not get the Centro to do that.

As I am not using the Palm Centro to make calls (I do not have a voice plan with my ISP and do not want one), do I need an activated GSM SIM in it, to use it as described above? I have a data GSM SIM from my ISP that I never cancelled but I am pretty sure that it is not appropriate for what I am trying to achieve here. I do not know what to specify on the Centro, There are Network and Communication specs but I assume they are only needed for using the Centro to make calls. Are there specs that I can enter on the Centro to do what I am trying to achieve?

This is my first post and I posted this in the wrong section. I see now that it should be in the Home Phone section. It is my first post. Can a moderator move it please? Sorry for messing up.

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