Outgoing Volume Level of Virtual Receptionist

After setting up Ooma office, I discovered the outgoing volume level of the Virtual Receptionist was too loud. I called my Ooma phone number from at least 5 different phones (cell, cordless, landline, other business phone, etc.) to determine if the problem was isolated to one phone. All phones experienced the same ‘loudness level’ problem.

Ooma customer supports says there is no adjustment that I (as a customer) can make…or…they (as the company) can make to slightly lower the outgoing volume level of the Virtual Receptionist. I can’t help but believe other business customers are experiencing the same problem. My concern is that my customers are being BLASTED (to the point of distortion) when the Virtual Receptionist speaks the outgoing message. Some phones can adjust the volume at their end, but others cannot. Those that cannot, have to hold the phone receiver away from their ear the sound is so loud. If the call goes through to the extension and the VOICE MAIL picks up the call, the volume on the ‘voice mail message’ is then lower than the volume of the Virtual Receptionist so the caller has to adjust the volume on their phone yet again to hear the voice mail message.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Has any other business user figured out any option to adjust the volume so that it is not TOO LOUD? Having the ‘all important’ outgoing message playing too loud or too soft is a problem for all business users. The Ooma system appears very nice otherwise, but this seems like a problem that should not be occurring. Unfortunately, I am considering discontinuing use of the Ooma system If I cannot find a resolution to this very basic problem.