Outgoing Call - No Ringing before Callee Picks Up

When I call someone, silence occurs with no ringing before callee picks up. Not sure if the phone is working, ringing or getting a busy signal. What is wrong?

Callee says phone is ringing on there end.

Same deal here…This seems to be happening with alot of Ooma users. :frowning:

EDIT: My issue seems to be related to the Telo using my computer’s MAC Address instead of it’s own. I fixed it by hard resetting to the default settings, forcing the Telo to use it’s own built In Mac address instead of my computer’s.

Check in the Status | Ports | Internet section to make sure some how your configuration isn’t doing the same.
The MAC Address from your Internet side should be the Telo Built In MAC Address, not your computer’s network card MACC Address.