Option to turn off Call-Waiting Beep

Currently, when I’m on the phone with a client and a 2nd call come in, I hear a call-waiting beep. I’d like this to turn off, because it interferes with my conversation, especially when I’m on an important conference call. This feature is already available on the Telo. Please include it in the Office. Thanks.

Yes, please offer this option. I have a Telo at home and use this feature regularly. I hope you will incorporate this in the Office because the beeping is very unsettling when you are on a business.

Today, you have to dial *70 to turn off call-waiting on a call-by-call basis. We’ve opened up a feature request to give users the option of permanently turning off call-waiting on a per-extension basis.

Ooma office has that “fax setting”. What does that do? What is the practical difference from fax to phone? I wonder if the only difference is that it doesn’t have call waiting and the call waiting beep (which would interfere with fax transfer). If so, then one could switch to fax (as our phone type setting) and use ooma for voice without the annoying call-waiting feature.