Optimal Fax Settings Recommendations

We have an Ooma office and a HP OfficeJet 8600 for our fax machine. The fax machine is directly connected to the ooma office, and an office phone is connected to the second phone port on the fax machine, which can make and receive calls fine. The baud rate on the fax machine has been set to 9600 (slow) and ECM has been disabled. We are able to send and receive from HP’s test fax number 1-888-hpfaxme (1-888-473-2963) successfully. We can receive faxes from other offices thus far, but have had no successful faxes sent. While trying to send a fax, we have never exceeded 4 pages, and have tried to send even a single page, all resulting in failures thus far. Our ISP is Comcast, with a rated 16 mbps down 3 mbps up. Our real world bandwidth meets or exceeds these numbers.

Can anyone recommended any other settings to change on the fax or Ooma?



Stay tuned for virtual fax.

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From what I can tell, there is no fix. I was receiving faxes okay, but now just 1/4 page prints. Sending faxes does not work. Poor line condition message is all I get. Ooma Office should not be sold as a business system if a simple fax won’t go through. I guess it’s back to Verizon for a fax line. So much for the great savings.

Very difficult to FAX over VoIP. Very much FAX machine dependent unfortunately. Fast, low latency internet service is important, and you can bet that you will do best with a portion of upload bandwidth reserved for Ooma by a router with good QoS abilities like I have. Also, my fax is connected directly, not via a Linx adapter.

These issues are Virtual Fax will solve. Send a message to user lbmofo. He has posted some recommendations inexpensive fax services before, but I wasn’t able to easily locate them when searching. Fax services that receive fax and convert to PDF are inexpensive and your best option for now until Virtual Fax is available.

For the record, I have good success with my 25/10 DSL service, fax set to redundancy level 3 in my.ooma.com system preferences and an Epson Workforce 845 All-In-One. I send Faxes over WiFi from my laptop to the Workforce 845 and it’s perfect with multiple pages. Receiving works well too.

Free Faxing Solutions: https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13542

Was searching for something completely unrelated tonight and came across this. Thought it might be of interest as an additional option to someone who really needs faxing. Lots of services out there. This is just one more.