Oome Telo using a different MAC address from the label - rude support agent

While installing a new router on my system and configuring it for VoIP I discovered that my Ooma Telo is using a different MAC address than what is printed on its label. When I used Chat in live support to get help with this I encountered an agent named “Arvin” who was quite rude and abrupt, not even acknowledging my greeting, just cutting me off and leaving me to sit there for a couple of minutes while they “checked my account”. When they came back and explained the issue they cut me short and said I had to call voice to the technical team about this. When I explained that I had no voice today due to allergies (laryngitis) they cut me off and ended the chat! MOST RUDE! This agent should not be in a position where they deal direct with customers and needs serious retraining!