Ooma/Vonage Porting Woes, Recommendations

Hello All-

I exhausted these forums looking for similar situations. I’ve called Ooma repeatedly this week, and have terrible luck with scripted responses from support. In short, I had a Vonage number ported. My success email from Ooma came Monday, however it was far from complete, and is still not. Outgoing calls did register my ported number. Incoming calls still went through Vonage. Understood this as normal until Vonage cancellation.

Vonage canceled my account yesterday. Some 24 hours and several successful reboots of the Telo later, all incoming calls to my ported number receive a disconnected, slow busy signal, then disconnect. I am calling the ported number via my cell.

I have a second office line with Ooma, it is working fine. I’m an software engineer, and consider myself fairly capable in knowing this is not a problem with my Telo or network set-up. It would seem my number hasn’t been picked up by the Ooma system for incoming calls.

I’m beyond frustrated. Could someone please provide recommendations on how to proceed? Where is my battle? With Ooma, Vonage, both?

When porting completes, the incoming routing should happen correctly; don’t need to cancel Vonage account although usually cancellation should happen automatically (if account has no more phone #s).

Your described situation sounds like Ooma (Ooma’s carrier) did not “take” the number properly (did not broadcast new routing data to the world). I would email loa@ooma.com to have them correct (Ooma’s porting dept).

Thank you. That was the most logical answer I’ve received in a week.

I’ve done as you’ve suggested, and am hopeful for resolution soon.

Just updating this for future reference for any of those considering a move to Ooma. While, I realize there are plenty of happy customers, I am not one of those. This has been overall, a terrible experience and introduction to Ooma. I get they have to cut corners somewhere to account for their prices, but the level of incompetence when it comes to customer support, is astounding. Astounding. I’ve been without my business phone for 3 days now. I’d gladly kept Vonage, had I’d known this experience was even remotely possible. My time is far more valuable than the extra twenty dollars I’d spend a month.

Per the kind response to my original question. I emailed loa, those in charge of the porting. It’s now going on 24 hours, and no response there either.

It’s now Friday afternoon, and I am less than hopeful for a resolution before the weekend.

I’m not defending Ooma, although I’ve had no problems at all.

My cell phone is Republic Wireless which is a hybrid WiFi/cellular service over the Sprint network. On their forums over the last two years, there has been a disproportionate number of posting complaining about porting numbers from Vonage.

That’s all. I’ve never had Vonage, and had no problems porting two existing numbers one at a time from CenturyLink

You’ve certainly had a lousy experience. Hope you luck changes and it sorts itself out quickly.

If you log on to your office.ooma page do you see all of your numbers listed? Perhaps the number that gets a busy or disconnected dial tone still needs to be added to your account. Call the CSR if you don’t see all your numbers listed.

I hope you have got your phone line sorted out by now, in the last 5 months I have set up a number of Ooma devices. Porting 2 numbers from Vonage, 6 numbers from AT&T, 1 toll-free number from AT&T, and 6 numbers from Comcast. The simplest set-up happened to be those porting from Vonage, also, because those two systems only had the one number each.

When porting multiple numbers to Ooma, we had to configure our primary number to make that used for the log in and even though the porting was done some numbers still had to be added to the account.

Both of these are a quick and easy fix by calling an Ooma CSR 866-939-6662