ooma telo use in Europe - RESOLVED

I bought an ooma telo device in the states to take with us for our move to Switzerland. I was told that the device would work here. I also bought an HD2 handset. Got everything work in the states. Took them with us to Switzerland. Got everthing working in Switzerland.

Today, some folks from the OFCOM office stopped by and said that the DECT wireless communications are not allowed in Europe as they interfere with mobile communications. Technically only devices with a CE (Confirmite Europeenne) label are allowed but they were ok with it if I can get the DECT wireless communications turned off.

So clearly I need a handset that plugs in (no problem) - but I need to get the ooma telo to not turn on DECT wireless communications to look for a phone. I can’t figure out how to do that and support has said that there is no way to do so. So in essence, the ooma telo, while power will work, does not work for DECT wireless communications.

Anyone know how to get this working properly in Europe?

Go into your Telo device setup page, DECT section and disable the DECT.

How to get to setup in here:

“Optimal Setup:”

If before Router - https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9536#p66155

If after Router - https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12403

thank you thank you thank you - will let you know how it worked when OFCOM comes out again…

Reboot your device, go back in there to check if DECT is still disabled for kicks. After verification, you should be good.

Did you have to buy a 110 to 220 adaptor for your power cable when going overseas?

If I travel overseas with my Telo, do I need a voltage converter to 220V for power?

No (if you still use Telo factory power adapter), you would only need the travel power plug adapters. Please refer to a travel or electronics store for further information on specific adapters for each country.

I wish I had read this forum. I had the same situation today in Switzerland and as suggested I have turned OFF the DECT feature.

The question is did you get any further visits from the swiss folks