Ooma Telo does not allow all users to call me.

Ooma Telo does not allow users to call me.

I suspect when they use their own system it acts according to the system.

So far I identified 3 callers.

I asked what seems to be the problem, and they said when I try to call you, I get a busy signal.
Another one, he calls and it rings in his phone, it is totally quiet in mine…

:neutral_face: The third one I could not find the reason.

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I have two Ooma Telos. For about the past week, I could not retrieve my messages from either one using the blinking Play (arrow) button. Occasionally, I press the button, and nothing happens for 20-30 seconds, then the usual announcement from the Telo begins and works normally from that point. But, most of the time, I press the button and 5-10 seconds later, it starts blinking again.

The same happens if I try to retrieve voice messages from my Panasonic Cordless (or the wired handset) which has been working fine since last April.

I am able to retrieve voice messages using my cell phone, or by clicking the recording forwarded to my email.

But, I received an important message on the second line adding a "by-the-way, your other phone line sounds like it’s dead; silence for 5 seconds and then a fast busy signal.

So, there obviously seems to be a problem somewhere in the system or in the latest firmware update. Unlikely a fluke or coincidence with both Telos suddenly having problems.


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