Ooma softphone application for Windows/Mac OS X

You need to create one that can dial out and rings when called in by extension. Contact management and voicemail would be huge pluses.



An OOMA app for pc usage would be wonderful. Inasmuch as most people have computers it would be a great feature to attract people to OOMA service.

Ooma has now released the softphone.
You can work from anywhere, from a desktop computer, a laptop or a mobile phone, you can get all the features you need for your business. Available for Mac and Windows OS or as a mobile app.

You can read more about it at Ooma Softphone.

I see the Softphone app was released May 8. Is this the same as the desktop app?

Is there now a way to send text/SMS messages from the desktop app (I know the mobile can do it, but it’s much easier to type and/or copy & paste from desktop). If not when is this coming?

What about multimedia messages? The mobile app says not currently available but coming soon.


@oomadigital; the Softphone feature for Office VOIP Service only, correct? are there any plans to add this feature for ooma Telo home VOIP customers?