Ooma Small Business Discussion

So a lot of us know about the NEW Small Business Version of Ooma


I would like to start a topic discussing questions a business might have before purchasing.


I am truly a small business and only require two lines and a fax.

1. I can plug the fax right into the device but instead of using the Linx can I use two HD2 handsets instead?

2. I also understand you can only use 2 Linx per system, can I use more than two HD2 handsets?

Here is a site you can look at: https://www.ooma.com/products/business

I don’t think Ooma has released anything about weather the Ooma Office can use HD2 handsets in addition to the Fax connection and four Linx devices.

Yes, thank you I have the link

It would make sense that you could use the HD handset, I guess we will have to wait for an official response.

So nobody from Ooma can answer my questions in post #1?

Does nobody from Ooma business read the posts?

This is primarily a user to user forum. The Ooma moderators participate once and a while.
They are all technical types.
I have never seen anyone from the business side on here.

Yes, you can plug your fax machine directly in the phone port of the Ooma Office base station. Shortly after launch, we’re planning on adding Office support for the HD2 so that you could use HD2 handsets instead of Linxes.

You can pair up to four DECT devices.

  1. Can you clarify how the fax/phone option work? I just read the features of Ooma Office, but it’s not entirely clear. According the link above, the fax is hooked up the extension 1. When someone is trying to fax to me, do they have to dial the extension? It sounds like that the Ooma Office is detecting the incoming call if it’s a fax at first and then routes the calls to other Linx extensions if it’s a voice call. Am I understanding this correctly? If that’s the case, then we only need one number for the fax and phone.

  2. Forwarding option - If I answer a call and found out that it’s for someone out of the office, I can put the person on hold and route him/her to a cell phone? (The currently premier service of ooma telo can’t do this. I’m going around the system by using multi-ring). It sounds like Ooma Office is 5 units of Ooma Telo hooked up in one with the addition of virtual receptionist feature and more options for voicemail

  3. Do you know if ooma can port my current ooma telo numbers and landline to the ooma office? Has ooma announced a price for the Ooma Office for porting? I only see the price listed per line, which is $19.99 per month.

I currently have Ooma Telo with premier service for 2 lines and a dedicated landline for the fax with a different number. I’d like to integrate the Ooma Telo and the landline. Sounds like Ooma Office is my solution.

I’m pretty sure most people would designate a dedicated phone number to the fax, that can easily be done in the settings.
That is how I will hook up the fax.

Then I will dedicate my two other numbers for business, so in total I have to pay for 3 lines.

Now I have no idea how you would set up a fax/line share, maybe someone who has the system could help.

It sounds like you and I have the same need for business - 2 lines for business and 1 line for fax. I hope the Ooma Office can separate the fax with voice calls. According the link, fax and voice are integrated somehow with one unit.

You can assign an external phone number directly to your fax number, so the person faxing you won’t need to dial an extension number. Each additional line includes an additional number.

We’re planning on enabling the call transfer feature at or shortly after launch. You’ll be able to place a call on hold by pressing the flash key and then transfer the call to someone else by entering a star code.

There are no extra charges for porting numbers to Ooma Office.

Will the other phone line/extensions ring if the outside party is trying to fax to the fax line directly? I don’t want the phones to ring.

For me, I think it would work best if I use my Ooma Telo as a dedicated fax line. Then use the Ooma Office as a phone with 2 lines. That way, I’d know for sure I someone is trying to fax or call me.

That would be great. Thanks for implementing this feature.

With a dedicated number to a fax line, other lines won’t ring.

With Office, additional phone lines can be purchased for $19.99 per month

Q&A with Ooma VP Marketing: http://www.smbnow.com/articles/Ooma-Office-Questions-Answers

Ooma Office launched.





Could someone with Ooma Office please take screen shots of the setup pages and post so we can see what’s available in them.


I agree. There should be a wiki or photos to help us noobs to setup Office.

I’m interested with OOMA small business.
Here’s my setup;
2 DSL lines (6Mbs down and 768 Kbps up)
5 phone lines thru ATT (POTS)
1 Trixbox
5 SIP phone (3Polycom, 1Cisco, other)

Can use existing Trixbox and install ooma office?

According to CSR, multiring is elimiated with Ooma Office. That means I can’t have my cell phone (or another phone) ring at work thus eliminating a virtual extension. Virtual receptionist cannot answer line 2 for me if I’m busy on line 1. VM acccess on the base no longer exist.

I thought the Office features will be an addition to the Telo’s features, but I was wrong. I’m paying $10/month for Premier and its features are great (I especially like the 2 line, multiring, and VM access on base). Why should I switch to Office and pay $40/month for 2 lines with Office and get less features? I’m a bit disappointed with the features of Office.

This is not correct, Ooma Office allows you to forward your calls or multi-ring even if you have a physical extension at work.

This is being discussed in the feature request area and we plan to add this option.

I’m the same size as the others posting here, small business with 2 lines, 1 dedicated for fax. My fax # has just been ported, I’ve only done limited testing, but I sent a fax yesterday, clients told me (today) that it came thru, but when they tried faxing me today, it wouldn’t work! (?) their machine error said some kind of an “image issue”. I have an old Brother thermal fax and a Hp1522 Multifunction machine. I tried them both, there hooked directly to ooma office hub or telo, & setting are corect, but it wouldn’t come through on either machine, I had to plug my landline in to receive the fax!
I was testing in house yesterday, between my two machines using the ported # and the virtual # (I guess, the # i choose to activate ooma?) having little success. I changed some settings on the hp machine, this is my 1st time using it for faxing,I changed one setting to “slow” and another feature I disabled, based on a google search of “comm errors 232 & 344”. I managed to get 1 to go thru, but there’s no consistency!

if any other users with 2 lines, 1 a dedicated fax, have any suggestons or experiences to share, I’d be very grateful!
Sincerely, Jeffk

Just a quick follow up, be darned if an auto junk fax didn’t come thru on my old Brother machine!
?? scrathing my head,

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