Ooma service sucks

Since we have switched to Ooma we have had nothing but problems!!

When we call people we get connected to the wrong people, (we check to make sure we dialed the right number).
The line isn’t clear at all. Nothing like you make out in your adds!
We call people back and the phone doesn’t even call, (no sound)
Bad echo when I’m talking to someone

Plus we were told we would have a free 2nd line, no one told us we would have to BUY another device to get the 2nd line!! Plus we ended up paying more than expected to pay for the added on equipment needed to use Ooma.

look for “Ooma sucks” on FB :astonished:

Oh my - first post, catchy name, no desire to get any help… do you think this poster might be a

Even if not, some people automatically blame Ooma when their internet sucks.

Trolling, trolling, trolling. No mention of talking to customer service or asking the forum for help. :confused:

Hi Richard,

I’m sorry about your initial experience with your Ooma Telo.

I see that you have now gotten in contact with Ooma Support to help with your technical issues.

New customers, who prepay for a year of Premier Service, can get an HD2 handset for only $20, as a “thank you” gift from Ooma. With the HD2, you would have instant second line access.

How do you get this info?