Ooma Office w/ Ooma Home?


I’m working with a nonprofit, and we are needing to replace and upgrade our office phone system. We currently run 5 lines, so Ooma Office would be ok on that front, but we about 25 phones currently run. Not all are on individual extensions, however, and only a few of the phones have considerable call volume. I was wondering if Ooma Office and Ooma Home units plugged into the same router/base would play nicely or not?

What I’m thinking is we could get an Ooma Office for the main office - and there are only about 5 extensions that get any considerable use, and we would use the Office w/ Linx devices on those extensions. Then the remaining extensions, could we put Ooma Home units (perhaps connected via wireless to the base router) on those extensions and set them up as virtual extensions, with one of them plugged into the copper lines in the building to activate the last few handsets that get extremely rare use…

This would mean an Ooma office and as many as 20 Ooma homes running through the same network… Even with the extra Linx devices and Telo Air for all the home units, the total cost of all the devices would run about $4,350. Service would run 5*19.99 plus taxes and fees on all the home and the base unit ($3.71 is my current home amount), or ~$178 per month. Other options being quoted to us run about $15,000 and up right now, so this would be significant savings, but only if such a setup would work reliably…

Any input?