OOMA Office Number Porting Problem

Longtime Telo user. Just purchased OOMA Office for my business. Attempting to port two numbers from old provider (Comcast). Submitted port requests for each number at the same time (within 5 minutes of each other) Both numbers are on same Comcast account. First number ported just fine within a week of entering the port request.

When I check the porting status of the 2nd number via the website, it still shows “ACTION REQUIRED: Your porting request requires special handling. Please call 888-711-6662.”

So I’ve called the number several times over the last week. At first, they don’t seem to know what is going on and provide a different explanation for what is preventing the port from being processed. The people that I’ve talked to are obviously not English as their primary language speakers and they are hard to comprehend and don’t seem to understand what I’m asking of them.

After the third call I was told that I should be calling a different number - 1-866-939-6662 as that is the number for OOMA office support. I’ve called that number and receive the same runaround with the same hard to comprehend support representatives.

What is going on here, OOMA? I can’t seem to get through to someone who speaks my language and who can answer my questions properly. Secondly, even though you offer OOMA Office, your support organization, either via telephone or via the website seems to just lump together support for the OOMA Office and OOMA Telo products, even though the products are different and the needs of the end users are different.

Get your affairs in order, OOMA, and let me know what is happening with my 2nd number port or I’ll simply return the OOMA Office product and move to another provider.