Ooma Office New Features & Pricing


Online fax, call logs and new pricing.

Very interesting. I’ll have to think about how the change in pricing model will affect our business…

I’m going to start installing these in small offices, I like the online faxing and of course the price change is good.


I understand per line… same as per number… each line is technically a number.


I think I draw the line at per user… you mean each mailbox has a cost?

In my business I pay for each phone line at $24.95 x2 - that is it, nothing else.
I have 10 staff members and on my internal phone system I can assign them each a mailbox.

With Ooma that would now cost me more than my current system.

Not sure if I personally would make the switch. I would probably stay with my current system, it’s bought and paid for. I could see a new business looking at some equipment savings but for my company there would be no advantage. My system currently does most of what Ooma does and I have free long distance in Canada. I don’t do business in the US so that is mute for me.

I just called customer service to verify the new pricing.

Essentially, when you sign up with Office right now, you get 1 Phone number and 1 Line for $19.99/mo. To add a “Line” (ability to make a second simultaneous outgoing/incoming phone call) it’s an additional $19.99/mo.

With this new change, you would actually be paying LESS than what it is currently. The new plan would be $9.99/mo for the phone number and $9.99 for each “Line”. So for the same service you get now it would cost $19.98/mo (1 number and 1 line). If you need to make simultaneous calls, you need to add $9.99 for each additional line up to 10 lines.

For example, for 1 phone number and 2 lines (2 simultaneous calls):

Current Plan: $19.99 + $19.99 (for 2nd line) = $39.98
New Plan: $9.99 (phone number) + $9.99 (line 1) + $9.99 (line 2) = $29.97

This does not mean you can’t use more than one Extension/Linx without paying $9.99 for it. Nor does it mean you have to pay $9.99 for each voice mailbox. You can still have 1 number and 1 line and still use all 3 extensions. You just can’t make multiple outgoing or receive multiple incoming calls without more lines.

From the website

New Pricing Information: Beginning this December, Ooma will transition its business phone service pricing from $19.99/month per line to $9.99/month per user and $9.99/month per phone number. This means that Ooma will be the most cost effective business-class phone system available with a small business paying as little as $19.98/month for unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada. With Ooma, a small business with three employee extensions and a fax line will pay less than $50 per month.

Note the 9.00 per user, to me that sounds like per mailbox

$19.99 per line
$9.99 per user
$9.00 per number

The per line and per number is all fine with me. It’s the per user that gets me. It needs clarification because to me it sounds like I have to pay $9.00 per employee (as in per mailbox) to use the number or line.

Does anyone understand exactly what I am trying to say?

Thats how I read it as well. The term per user seems to me to indicate per person.


It really does sound like your paying per extension/mailbox and that’s why I called this morning. That would make out of the box costs $40.00/mo. Simply not true.

I was told to sign in to my office.ooma.com account. Go to Extensions tab.

You see the “Lines” and “Phone Numbers” options from 1 - 10 of each.

Just think of each one of those squares = $9.99. When you activate the device it defaults to 1 of each ($9.99 x 2)

2 lines + 1 phone number = $9.99 x 3 (you can have 2 people talking at the same time, or one person and a fax)
3 lines + 1 phone number = $9.99 x 4 (you can have 3 people talking at the same time, or two people and a fax)

The example they give in the article:

With Ooma, a small business with three employee extensions and a fax line will pay less than $50 per month.

3 lines + 1 FAX + 1 phone number = $9.99 x 5 or $49.95

I think their terminology is screwed up: They use the term “Line” when referring to the “fax line”, but “Extension” when referring to Employees when in fact they are both “Lines”

You CAN still have 3 extensions/mailboxes with only 1 line and 1 phone number just as it is today for $19.99 (actually $19.98 after the change). But only one person/fax (1 line) can be communicating at any given time.

Call them yourself, if you still have doubts. 866-939-6662 x1